Vancouver Film School

The Vancouver Film School brings you an opportunity to establish a career in the Film industry. Instead of the traditional four year programs, VFS provides you a one year education model which teaches comprehensive and industry led theory along with crucial production-focused experiences. VFS regularly evolves its curriculum to meet the ever changing demands of the industry.
VFS regularly cultivates new partnerships with industry leaders to develop meaningful connections, new facilities and significant integration into creative economy for students.
Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, the Hollywood of North, VFS is the place to be.
Some of the exciting programs offered by VFS are:-

1) 3D animation + visual effects
This program will help you gain experience with traditional arts, computer animation and cinematic storylining skills.

2) Classical Animation
Create an attention grabbing reel of animated work.

3) Digital Design
change and design the way people interact with the world

4) Film Production
live and breathe film making in an industry environment.

5) foundation visual art + design
Build a foundation in traditional art techniques combined with training in modern visual media

6)Game design
experience the entire game development cycle and develop specialised skills in coding, game art and level design

7) animation concept art
Gain the skills, knowledge and industry experience needed to create visual concepts.

8) sound design for visual media
discover professional level sound design techniques

9) writing for film, television + games
develop the craft of story telling in a deep understanding of the world of writing

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